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Contacting insurance companies for insurance quotes

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Obviously it isn’t going to be practical to contact every general insurance company in Australia for income protection insurance quotes so you’re going to have narrow down the field. If you already have insurance products with a particular insurance company then this is a good place to start. Alternatively you might want to ask other self-employed people that you know who they bought their policy from or you can use an insurance comparison website to find out who people around the country are recommending as the top rated providers.

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Once you have a short list of potential insurers you should contact them directly for insurance quotes. One of the main things to remember when talking to an insurance company is to be honest with the answers you give to their questions. Different insurers will ask different questions so make sure you have as much information about your business, average income for the last 12 months and your monthly expenditure to hand as possible.

The best way to contact an insurance company is by telephone. Some insurers offer a free call back if you fill in an online form but this method of contacting companies has become notorious over the last few years as an identity theft scam. If you do contact an insurance company over the internet make sure they are regulated by the Australian Financial Service before you give them any personal or financial information.

Each insurer you contact should be able to give you an estimate of how much you’ll pay for an income protection insurance policy tailored to your needs. You should aim to get between five and eight quotes at the very least so that you can see how one company compares to another. Then all you need to do is chose the best policy for your requirements.

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